and do more with Blackbox by NINTA!


and do more with BlackBox by NINTA!


as BlackBox by NINTA helps your business grow!


What is BlackBox by NINTA?

An ultimate Induvidual, ground and building solution.

- Probably the first software in the world to handle an entire building and people with all that means.

- Meets the EU's General Data Protection  requirements

- Gathers data from your devices on the internet (IOT) and your business systems.

- Implementing functionality for updating your BIM model, (Revit or ArchiCad)

NINTA is trademarked registered in EU and US.

The individual behind this application is an airline pilot, that is why we have chosen the name "BlackBox" in orange. NINTA is an entry-point to Sweden airspace. = "BlackBox by NINTA"

Why choose BlackBox by NINTA?

  • Your data-information is your own. We don't need to look at your data to improve or application or services!! NEVER!
  • By design, continent, country, state, zipcode, postal address. You can serve property and induvidual all over the world.
  • Cost-saving, scalable, traceabillity = Security
  • Training and support all over the world.
  • languages, including: English, Spanish, German, Polish, Arabic, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Italian and Swedish.

Contact us today to see how BlackBox by NINTA can revolutionize your business for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.