and do more with Blackbox!


and do more with BlackBox!


as BlackBox helps your business grow!


What is BlackBox?

In the world of transportation, black boxes are devices engineered to preserve detailed data in the face of intense forces.  BlackBox by NINTA is a highly engineered software designed to maintain and organize your company’s data in the face of whatever challenges your business has to tackle. BlackBox by NINTA is the ultimate solution for your everyday business operations.

What makes BlackBox by NINTA so special?  BlackBox by NINTA tracks a broad spectrum of critical business infrastructure, client and personnel data, all while utilizing a revolutionary single window approach.  No more switching between applications, spreadsheets or even pen and paper!  BlackBox by NINTA is designed to keep track of your entire business enterprise within a single, user-friendly system.  For a minimal monthly fee, BlackBox by NINTA will help your business remain compliant, cutting edge and successful!

Why choose BlackBox?

  • BlackBox by NINTA is affordable!  - It does more and costs lees than other software solutions in the same market.
  • It's flexible. - BlackBox by NINTA can be integrated with existing ERP systems.  It will also integrate with Microsoft Active Directory technology to simplify personnel management and access control.  The application offers a wide range of reporting with the additional ability to create your own custom reports.
  • Cutting-edge technology. - BlackBox by NINTA is based on rock solid, award-winning Microsoft SQL Server database technology.
  • It grows with your business. - Hosted on the global Microsoft Azure platform, BlackBox by NINTA is scalable.  This provides quick response from a data center near your headquarters or aligning with your global office locations.
  • Startup is seamless. - No need to re-enter data into your new BlackBox system!  BlackBox by NINTA can be seamlessly integrated with all leading ERP systems that support ODBC, eliminating the need for double data entry.
  • It's multilingual. - BlackBox by NINTA is currently available in seven languages, including: English, Spanish, German, Polish, Arabic, Chinese and Swedish.
  • It's TIME! - Stop spending too much and getting too little from a variety of other systems.  With incredible functionality and top-level support, it's time to let BlackBox by NINTA become your comprehensive business management solution!

Contact us today to see how BlackBox by NINTA can revolutionize your business for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.